About NPI Technology Management

Why Use NPI?

NPI is an innovative technology management firm located in South Burlington, VT. We are doggedly focused on Technology Management through excellence in application performance, user experience, mobility, Cloud and security.  NPI provides clients with best-of-breed technologies to creatively build business success.  We help clients successfully integrate and manage technology investments to support their business. NPI has been at the forefront with new technologies that help businesses to plan, build, run and manage technology investments.

Our Mission – Improving application experience, performance and security through excellence in Technology Management.

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We placed on the Pioneer 250 list which recognizes companies whose approach to delivering managed services to the SMB market is one innovative step ahead.

NPI Leadership

Eric Hart – CEO

Eric has over 20 years of Technology Management experience as a senior architect and consultant at NPI. Eric has a depth of experience in data communications, virtualization and application performance as well as extensive knowledge of security standards and infrastructure management. Eric’s active engagement and strong technology acumen has ensured that NPI’s service offerings not only remain ahead of the fast-paced changes in the industry but also consistently exceed customer expectations. His strong belief that customer satisfaction is the linchpin to success has proven critical to NPI’s continued growth and success. Eric holds several advanced certifications and has been an active member of various community-driven organizations including Local Motion, a non-profit that promotes people-powered transportation. Eric consults about Intellectual Property protection and conducts audits for IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries®, a global trade association. He has designed, implemented and supported over 1000 separate networks in his 25+ year career. In addition to his CEO duties, Eric also manages the service group at NPI, including strategic planning and management. This allows him to leverage his experience, training, and abilities to design and develop client solutions. Eric is married, lives in Burlington Vermont and has two sons.

“We’ve hired a fantastic team bringing tons of skills, thoughts and ideas to  improve your business.”

NPI History

NPI was founded in 1988 with an unyielding commitment to the highest customer service for our clients. Over the years, NPI has grown successfully and responsibly by maintaining the highest level of service.

NPI serves a variety of businesses in the Northeast as well as their remote offices around the US and Canada. Our full spectrum of managed services relieves businesses of the burden of day-to-day technology and infrastructure management. Our services provide support ranging from leading-edge security to cloud-based application management to capacity planning and migration services.

NPI is committed to the “Vermont Way” of doing business by putting a premium on business relationships, innovation, resourcefulness and trust. As Vermonters, we are dependent on the contribution of our clients and partners but we also put a premium on independence and self-reliance. Our services are always accessible and include a strong respect for privacy, tolerance and open mindedness. The hallmarks of our business are integrity and honesty. We take a long-range view of the business while focusing on immediate results that create enduring business value.

“Nothing excites us more than helping businesses to achieve greater success”

Our Core Beliefs and Values

Client-driven excellence

understanding clients’ needs and expectations
building trust, confidence and loyalty
providing services and technologies that contribute value

Commitment to continuous improvement and learning

solving problems at their source
reducing errors, defects, waste and related costs
innovating to improve processes

Using facts to make decisions

measuring and analyzing our performance
using feedback to improve client, operational and financial performance

Responsive to change

creating capacity for rapid change and flexibility
making improvements in quality and response time
eliminating activities that don’t add value

“We build high-performing communication systems that drive our client’s success.”

No other technology service company in northern New England has been more focused on Technology Management than NPI. We provide business technology support services with your specialized needs in mind. We have shaped NPI with one simple idea: to treat each client’s technology as though it was our own. NPI delivers on its promise to care about your business technology, today and tomorrow. If you’re looking for a true Technology Management service firm with a vision for your business future, NPI is the right fit.

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At NPI, you will be part of Vermont’s premier Technology Management firm.  Join our fun and functional team, get “gonged” for delighting clients, and be part of our retreats and continual training!  We look forward to learning more about you.

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