NPI’s Canopy℠ Backup & Recovery Offering

Who is best suited for Canopy℠ Backup and Recovery?

This service is targeted to businesses already engaged with NPI and want a highly reliable business continuity solution. When businesses are challenged with regular maintenance, testing and recovery of timely and accurate copies of their data, they turn to Canopy℠ Backup and Recovery.

How does Canopy℠ Backup and Recovery work?

This service is a turn-key business continuity solution ensuring that data and configurations are never compromised. Canopy℠ Backup & Recovery starts with advanced onsite backup appliances, world-class software and bi-costal Cloud storage.  We then add advanced monitoring, daily testing, flexible recovery options and both onsite as well as Cloud virtualization services that are available in the event of a site disaster. The Canopy℠ Backup and Recovery service ensures that your investment in data is always preserved no matter what the challenges, while your staff is not burdened with any extra tasks whatsoever.

Are you protecting your most valuable asset?

Why is Canopy℠ Backup and Recovery different?

Canopy℠ Backup and Recovery provides a state-of-the-art advanced backup solution that most small businesses can only dream about. It includes an onsite appliance paired with Cloud storage on distant, bi-coastal protected data centers. In addition, the backup and recovery is fully monitored, tested and managed to make sure it always performs no matter what the emergency.

Business Continuity is a core function that all companies must master.”

What are the benefits of Canopy℠ Backup and Recovery for my business?

Canopy℠ Backup and Recovery provides a standard set of practices and technology so each and every data element is safe, secure and rapidly recoverable. This service brings enterprise-level tools and techniques to small business continuity resulting in a closely monitored and managed environment.   The multiple levels of protection integrate with the Canopy℠ technology support strategy and overall business plans to form a complete business continuity service.

“With Canopy℠ Backup & Recovery you can be confident that your data is safe and secure, leaving your staff free for more productive work.”

Canopy℠ Backup & Recovery Features:

Provide, install, configure and maintain an onsite backup appliance
Provide local backup, retention and rapid restore of data
Monitor and test appliance, backups, and offsite vaulting
Troubleshoot and resolve any backup issues
Provide offsite backup in 2 secure bi-coastal data centers for recovery
When needed, initiate virtual local or Cloud-based Windows server(s)
Predictable fixed monthly pricing for up to a chosen amount of data
Recover lost/damaged files or an entire failed server

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How to get started with Canopy℠ Backup and Recovery.

NPI provides customized fixed monthly pricing based on your business continuity needs and volume of data. All of our work is structured for a mutual relationship, so if you don’t succeed, we don’t either. We always have a vested interest in creating a thriving partnership.