NPI’s Help Desk Services

Why use a helpdesk?

Because your business demands around-the-clock technical support, our Help Desk services are available 24/7/365 to ensure that all systems are running with peak efficiency.

“Once again NPI has come to our rescue.  The staff was top shelf as always, which is the level of service we have come to expect.”–Web Retailer

Building your own in-house technology help desk team can be extremely expensive and time consuming. NPI offers a cost-effective, intelligent solution to ensure that end users—no matter their location, application or device—are able to quickly and easily access the data and systems they need to be productive.

See what makes our helpdesk unique


The Canopy Help Desk is a critical component of the end-to-end NPI Canopy service. By providing full incident management, we ensure the timely resolution of problems using best practices and advanced approaches. The services include phone, onsite and remote user support for PC hardware and software.  Our tracking software allows us to stay on top of incidents and provides full visibility for our clients and team as we progress to a successful resolution. 

The Canopy team manages an extensive SQL database that contains information needed to quickly solve problems. This listing of all technology assets enables real-time access to the details of the software and configuration of all your systems.  The Canopy Team issues regular reports on activity, response times and resolutions.

Canopy℠ Help Desk lowers support costs with rapid problem resolution, improved service levels and increased productivity. With a continual focus on best practices, we minimize service interruptions to quickly get your staff back to full productivity. 


Rapid problem resolution
Increased user satisfaction and productivity
Increased management insight into user issues and problems
Efficient growth/downsizing support
Reduced costs


Staffed by both Level 1 & 2 IT professionals
Secure remote computer problem resolution
Software fixes as required for support
Robust Service Level Agreement
All-inclusive issue ownership

The specific tasks the Canopy Team performs include:

Computer or software repairs
Change and configuration management
Problem escalation procedures
Problem resolution process
Single point of contact for technology interruptions
Tracking all incoming problems
Incident management
New service transition
Continual service improvement


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