NPI’s Technology Management Services

Our approach is not for every business.

We believe it takes close alignment between your business goals and our approach to Technology Management to produce a high-functioning partnership. Success starts with the right fit at the right time, so we look to engage with companies when they are ready to move to the next level.

Here are some of the traits we’ve discovered that lead to a successful match:

Technology is critical to daily functioning and a competitive advantage
Plan to grow, expand or acquire another company/location
Vision, plans and budgets for new technologies to drive the profit engine
Venturing into challenges such as new applications or Cloud migration

If some or all of these traits describe your business we need to talk! 

See how we bring value to your business

Technology Management is a smart solution to technical assets support.

We keep costs predictable and controlled so businesses are free to concentrate on strategic initiatives. Companies under 200 employees often lack capability and proficiency across both traditional and cloud environments. End-to-end management–even extended out to the Cloud–is NPI’s strength.

The sheer volume of data generated by operational processes is rapidly growing.

Proper management of technical environments requires monitoring, alerts, service orders, logs, and more. If event correlation and prediction capabilities are absent, so are analytics and insight. Inaccurate decision making and poor availability, performance, and user satisfaction are possible outcomes.  Canopy℠ Managed Services aggregates and correlates key data, generating reports for management review. This frees valuable employee time to concentrate on strategic initiatives.

Productivity is affected when critical components are down for even a short time. Longer downtimes can create a serious disruption in your business.   For example, if the server malfunctions on a weekend or during off-hours, you might not even know until business opens on a hectic Monday morning. Vital business hours will be lost while your staff responds. With Canopy℠ Managed Services, your time can be spent focused on your business. Because our monitoring service alerts us the moment your devices have a problem–typically before an outage occurs–we keep your technology running at its peak.

“We resolve the problem immediately, 24/7/365, to give you peace of mind.”

Server Maintenance

With Canopy℠ Managed Services, your servers–whether in your office or in the Cloud–are professionally maintained and upgraded on a regular basis. Upgrades are tested for compatibility prior to installation. Regular basic server health tests identify and eliminate issues before they become critical to operations.  This preemptive resolution process keeps them running at peak performance and reduces the possibility of catastrophic system failure so your business is as productive as possible.

A Better Way to Provide Support

With NPI’s sophisticated monitoring and management tools, a majority of user issues can be resolved without going onsite.  Our Canopy℠ Team is selected to represent us not only in face-to-face settings but also for their ability to meet client expectations through remote contact.  Instead of waiting hours or days for onsite service, our technicians can often work behind the scenes with no disruption in your workday.

But when onsite support is necessary, rest assured that the onsite technician will be familiar with your business and infrastructure. Canopy℠ Managed Services clients receive prioritized dispatch to ensure that their critical issue is quickly solved.

“We received outstanding and professional IT assistance through the onboarding process.”    –Vermont manufacturer

Asset Discovery & Management

Businesses going through rapid change, personnel turnover, or acquisitions can lose track of resources (unused equipment, uninstalled software, etc.) resulting in technology asset management problems. We provide businesses with comprehensive IT asset tracking and put together plans that improve overall business operations.

Our technology asset discovery services find, document, and assess network, server, virtualization, application, desktop, storage and backup/archive infrastructure. We encapsulate all device information as soon as new devices under management are added.

Managing business assets well also includes warranty management.  Every component of the infrastructure has a manufacturer’s warranty which requires renewal until end-of-life occurs.  If a device breaks and is not under warranty there is no recourse for repair or replacement.  NPI keeps track of all device warranties and provides renewal information and pricing in advance to ensure that important deadlines are kept.

Mobile Device Management

With growing numbers and types of consumer devices proliferating the workplace, businesses are turning to Cloud-based services to accommodate these changes.  While mobile computing improves productivity, this new generation of mobile device management presents challenges for securely managing data across a broad array of computing platforms. Canopy℠ Managed Services locates exactly where any device is–at any time–and provides the ability to control the device as needed. If a device is lost or stolen, we can wipe it instantly to protect valuable business information.

What does leveraged technology look like?