NPI’s Canopy℠ Select Offering

Who is best suited for Canopy℠ Select?

Businesses with a small IT support staff are challenged to successfully juggle the four key Technology Management components:

Constant monitoring and updates
Helpdesk support for applications and PCs
Deadline driven project execution
Technology budgeting and planning

Most in-house technology staff struggles to keep all four functions running smoothly. The Canopy℠ Select offering has been tailored for businesses to complete the missing components ensuring all the bases are covered. It is based on the premise that businesses succeed when they focus on their core competencies and outsource the rest to a talented team of experts.

Uncover the strengths Canopy Select will bring to your business

How does Canopy℠ Select work?

Canopy℠ Select is turn-key technology support for servers, switches, routers, firewalls and wireless devices. It guarantees that your communication and storage devices work optimally, so your existing IT support can focus on exceptional end-user and application support. Canopy℠ Select keeps all the balls in the air so your existing staff can be successful. Our unique mix of support services are designed to fully support the core components so your support team can re-focus on workstation configuration and specialized application support.

Why is Canopy℠ Select different?

Canopy℠ Select provides the right additional technical resources to plan, prioritize and perform at a world-class level. We improve business performance through excellence in technology investment management. NPI brings advanced monitoring/management tools to analyze your technology and understand every dynamic impacting performance. We simplify the technology improvement process and ensure it happens every time, on time.

“We got equipment on time, we had technicians onsite the very next day and our requests were addressed accordingly and proactively.” –Medical Device Manufacturer

What are the benefits of Canopy℠ Select for my business?

Canopy℠ Select maximizes the performance of your technology by using a standard set of practices that optimize each and every device at the core of the network. We bring best-in-class tools and techniques to closely monitor, manage and update increasing the reliability and performance. Think of this service as a collaboration between your existing technology support and a world-class outsourced technology team that maximizes your business performance. These benefits then increase sales and profits.

Exclusive Canopy℠ Select Features:

Regular business review meetings throughout the year for planning and budgeting
No labor time limitations or after hour restrictions
No cause restrictions such as fire or flood
Full repair & recovery of failed devices
Firewall setting and security changes

How to get started with Canopy℠ Select.

NPI will provide customized pricing for a project to assess your current technology posture and give you a comprehensive status report. If there is any need for upgrades to bring your system up to today’s standards, we will design a detailed project with fixed pricing. In addition, we furnish a fixed monthly price agreement to successfully support your technology moving forward. All of our work is structured for a mutual relationship, so if you don’t succeed, we don’t either. We always have a vested interest in creating a thriving partnership.