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Businesses with under 100 computers are always looking for new technology to generate a competitive edge. So what might be new in 2018 that can enable a small business to get ahead?  Here are a few developments on the horizon that will improve companies in the coming year. More Collaboration To stay competitive, a small […]

This article first appeared in the All About IT column of Vermont Business People in January 2017.   As a small-business owner or manager, you may think your company is too small to be concerned about data breaches and data risk management. If so, you aren’t alone. Sixty-eight percent of business owners surveyed in 2017 […]

It is hard to be a Luddite and love technology at the same time. Let me explain: typically a Luddite is a person who opposes technology. But I think that the advances in AI and IOT, for example, are exciting and hold great potential. So you might say I am a “selective” Luddite. Working in […]

One of the growing trends in cybercrime prevention is the use of a login technique called multi-factor authentication.  This technology adds a powerful extra layer of security to the access of sensitive information and works for any size business by requiring a further proof of identity beyond a simple password. All multi-factor authentication methods combine a […]

Most every executive is driven to make sure that their business investments both increase productivity and maximize profits. The most common way to reach these goals is by minimizing costs, adding more value to products and keep up with the market competition.  For a company to achieve these objectives, CEOs and other key decision makers […]

My work involves business development for an outsourced technology services provider so I frequently speak to small business owners and managers about their technology support needs. Many of them run companies that are highly dependent on technology but haven’t grown to the size and revenue needed to justify an in-house expert. Recently I spoke with […]

A board presentation about technology can strike fear in the hearts of many a C-level executive. Fortunately there are steps that can be taken to not only meet the board’s needs and expectations but win their lasting support and respect. Given the importance of technology to overall business strategy, as both enabler and growth driver, […]

To: The boss From: Your staff Re: The state of our IT Despite us mentioning it numerous times, our technology is currently at an all-time low. We had to tell you in this memo since you constantly lack the time to think about technology. In fact, the only time we hear you mention our technology […]

- October 2, 2017

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month so WCAX-TV invited me to share information on how to stay secure.        

I love fall.  The air becomes clearer and the humidity drops.  Here in New England the trees take on lovely hues of red, yellow orange and, sometimes, purple.  My birthday is in September which always leads me to contemplation. The reason autumn begins is science:  earth’s orbit changes and fall marks the beginning of 6 […]