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Business Continuity Planner

- February 28, 2019

Our CEO, Eric Hart, is a contributor to CFO.University, a a professional community of member scholars, companies and trusted advisors committed to the development of chief financial officers. He recently contributed an article about business continuity along with a planner developed jointly with Steve Rosvold, CFO.University’s founder.

We celebrated founder John Burton’s retirement last Friday. He will still work with us as a consultant between fishing trips!

Many manufacturing firms are seriously kicking the tires on ERP options delivered as a Cloud service.  This may make a lot of financial sense if the business is in the market for a new ERP.  Cloud ERP systems have favorable payment structures and easily expand/contract with today’s business needs. ERP vendors are heavily investing in […]

Business growth that requires a relocation is something C-level managers both love and hate.  They know that expansion will fuel revenue but with a multitude of things to plan and execute, the process to get there is daunting. One larger concern may be the addition of new technology to enhance competition in the big leagues. […]

Quick….what sector has generated more Vermont jobs and wages in the past decade? Is it the food industry that produces great ice cream, cheese, coffee, beer and maple syrup?  Is it tourism and recreation? How about higher education? The answer is Technology. Every owner or manager of a thriving business needs to pay attention to […]