NPI’s Canopy℠ Private Cloud Offering

Canopy℠ Managed Cloud offers an easy, powerful way to manage your infrastructure across in-house and Cloud environments.

As businesses begin to place workloads into the cloud and transform their infrastructure to harness the full power of virtualization, they are under pressure to rethink and redesign how to deploy and manage across Cloud platforms. Making sense of this diverse environment is both knowledge and time intensive and requires a knowledgeable managed services firm.

Four reasons your company will love the NPI Cloud

Cloud technology uses the internet to connect your business to servers, applications and other managed services located offsite.

Your staff can access these resources via their laptops, smartphones, tablets, or desktops from anywhere.  Canopy℠ Managed Cloud fully covers your Cloud technology to assure that resources are performing optimally and are always available. We protect your data from disaster by constantly confirming that vital information is secure, backed up and recoverable.

We wrap technology management around our Cloud hosting service because even in the Cloud your technology needs monitoring, management and maintenance to keep your business running smoothly.  We monitor the end-to-end infrastructure, applications, internet connections, and remote access guaranteeing that the Cloud delivers for your business.

Canopy℠ Managed Cloud provides secure cloud servers and storage, so you don’t have to worry about the up-front cost and maintenance of a technology refresh. The Cloud model is attractive because the business no longer has to buy, manage and maintain core equipment and operating systems.

Why choose the private cloud?

Most of the security concerns people have about the Cloud apply to the public Cloud — a multi-tenant environment where companies buy a “server slice” that’s shared with a number of other clients or tenants. Due to its nature, there are may be risks associated with the public Cloud.  The private Cloud doesn’t have those same risks because it’s not open to the same vulnerabilities. The NPI private Cloud has enterprise-level security measures in place so it is both high performing and secure.

“Canopy℠ Managed Cloud stabilizes costs, reduces complexity and increases agility.”

NPI’s private Cloud adds significant benefits including:

No equipment replacement cost
No cooling or power costs
High redundancy
Continuous monitoring
Backup and disaster recovery
No extra physical space needed
Less personnel cost

Canopy℠ Managed Cloud

As your business grows, maintaining an onsite server can be unattractive or impractical due to factors including power, bandwidth, space and environmental requirements. Depending on the applications used by your business–and your unique needs–you may prefer the control of a dedicated server or the flexibility of a virtual private Cloud server. NPI can help no matter what configuration fits your needs today and tomorrow.  NPI can host your server in the Cloud using our trusted Canopy℠ Managed Cloud solution.

NPI’s Cloud is located in a highly secure remote data center with state-of-the-art redundant power, security and internet bandwidth, so your applications are protected and well maintained.  With your applications in the NPI Cloud, expect to significantly decrease and stabilize costs, mitigate risks, and increase uptime.  The bottom line is lower costs with higher reliability and security so you can get back to the business of doing business.

Why The NPI Cloud?

Redundant Power
Redundant Internet
Air-Conditioned/Temperature Monitored Environment
Increased Security
Decreased Cost
Greater Reliability


Canopy℠ Managed Cloud provides for dynamic provisioning.  These capabilities dramatically decrease deployment times and allow you to instantly scale—without ever over-or-under provisioning your resources. We provision Cloud resources by activating your cloud assets in the public or NPI cloud environments. Canopy℠ provides one system from which to manage the entire infrastructure.

The Cloud Migration Process

Let NPI facilitate your entire migration.   We start with a Cloud Migration Assessment to determine your current needs and project for future usage.  NPI uses a process for migration that uses the appropriate steps to minimize interruption to your business. Vendor management, Cloud server configuration, data migration, testing, and startup are all included.

Your NPI project coordinator will keep you fully informed about the Cloud migration progress which helps to manage deadlines and keep staff disturbances to a minimum.

Use the Canopy Cloud to Accelerate Business Agility