How Technology Management Works

“Exceptional service comes from using well-developed systems and processes, best-in-class tools and high standards.”

How we work.

Technology outcomes wildly vary from one business to another but they all share one characteristic–being critical to business performance. Our work is delivered through a collaborative effort involving key stakeholders, vendor partners and NPI staff. We join forces to develop new solutions and harness the transformative power of technology. We strive to engage with our clients and partners in a spirit of trust, candid communication and transparency.

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Our service strategy is constantly evolving.

We use a high-powered national-level advisory board to provide insight into our company’s strategic planning. Through this guidance we have developed the absolute best solutions available today. We consider and review each strategy and where needed, make adjustments to the implementation plans. We continually collect and share data on our progress with the board which leads to reflection on lessons learned and course corrections necessary to further improvement.  

Essential to this process is an ongoing dialogue with our clients—which we have embedded throughout our service strategy approach. Also, we collaborate with our industry partners to get full alignment with our clients’ critical priorities.

Examples of our service strategy:

A detailed assessment prior to the first engagement
Regularly scheduled business reviews with C-level management
Comprehensive reporting detailing specific areas of concern
Complete responsibility for all security and backup processes
A clear scope of work and fixed price for all work
An in-depth four-phase project process
Actionable monitoring alerts with few false negatives

“We appreciate the commitment to deliver high standards of IT services.” —VT Manufacturer 

A true business partnership.

Our business partnerships are based on clear and candid communications. The regularly scheduled business reviews are an opportunity to talk openly about our service delivery, your business changes as well as any new goals or initiatives. This is also when we strengthen our business relationships so all stakeholders are aligned. With every meeting we record and follow up on all issues and project discussions.

Stability and Maturity
With 30 years of providing technology services throughout the Northeast, we have matured into a business that understands our strengths and limitations

We develop a clearly-written scope for all managed services and projects. Our fixed-price methodology is transparent and allows ease of budgeting.

Staff excellence
Our talented technicians are reliable, honest and articulate. Due to our open-book approach and a caring work community we have lower than average turnover.

Our business partnership is based on clear and candid communications. Rather than reactively sell a product to solve a problem, our approach is to fully understand your issue to ensure that we take all possible steps to solve it before making a sales recommendation.

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