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It’s agreed, finance, IT and procurement, all say so: 50% of their high value assets need IT modernization. Their organization has fallen behind the tech curve and it will take billions of dollars to bring it up to date. What kind of business would let themselves get so woefully out of step with technology? Sadly, […]

This article originally appeared in the January 2019 issue of  Business People Vermont. The new year is a great time for business planning, including evaluating and reducing the significant risk that IT failures pose to our businesses. We do this formally by creating four IT plans: business continuity plan; disaster recovery plan; security policy; data breach/incident […]

This article was jointly written by John Burton for NPI Technology Management and Jeff Sands of Dorset Partners LLC. We share the perspective that technology plays an important role in the buying and selling of a business. Common advice realtors give when selling a home is to avoid investing in basement improvements as it does little to improve […]

It’s 9 am and you’re running late for a meeting with your IT manager. You know she’s going to be throwing around “techie” terms that make no sense and you haven’t even had time for coffee yet!  While we can’t get you the coffee, we can give you a crib sheet of technical terms and […]

NPI Technology Management acts as your technology partner, strategic advisor and problem-preventer. When all your technology works as it should, projects get done on time, security is rock-solid and problems give way to productivity. Resolute Partners has engineered, installed, and operated secure wired/wireless networks designed to meet demanding mission critical objectives, improve operating efficiencies, reduce […]

This article first appeared in the All About IT column of Vermont Business People in July 2018.   It has never been more important for Vermont businesses to make the right technology investment decisions.  They currently spend an estimated 2 to 5% of their revenue on technology purchases, which amounts to hundreds of millions of […]

This article was jointly written by Eric Hart of NPI Technology Management and Alex Meyer of Renaissance Information Systems. We share the view that strategic planning is the best approach to managing business growth. Not every business wants to grow in size.  Vermont statistics bear this out.  Of the nearly 22,000 firms in the state 80% employ fewer than 10 […]

Technology budgeting helps businesses allocate resources for important goals and initiatives. Without a budget, IT managers are forced to request and justify every IT expenditure as it arises, adding process overhead. A well-crafted budget relies on a multi-year technology roadmap. The roadmap details new initiatives and ongoing spending on a quarter-by-quarter basis for the current […]

This guest blog was written by Michael Ly, CEO and Founder of Reconciled It.  Both NPI and Reconciled It share the view that outsourcing business functions to experts yields both financial and operational benefits. No matter what type of business you have, efficiently and accurately managing your finances is critical to your success. In fact, over […]

Many manufacturing firms are seriously kicking the tires on ERP options delivered as a Cloud service.  This may make a lot of financial sense if the business is in the market for a new ERP.  Cloud ERP systems have favorable payment structures and easily expand/contract with today’s business needs. ERP vendors are heavily investing in […]