NPI’s Tecshaping℠ Improvement Process

Leverage technology to gain a competitive edge

Often it is a challenge to identify the most pressing technology priorities and then allocate the appropriate resources.  Knowing where it is worthwhile to focus your efforts is the first step toward reaching sales, profit and organizational growth goals.

The TecShaping℠ process sets clear goals for Technology Management so it contributes to business success. We develop a strategic plan and cultivate the ownership required to successfully implement it.

“By providing on-site support, monthly reviews and annual budget consulting we are on track to meet our technology goals.” A Lifecare Community

How will TecShaping make your business stronger?

TecShaping℠ : our approach to technology improvements

With TecShaping℠, companies of all sizes can implement new technologies on budget and on time.  This process highlights:

technology in relationship to business challenges and goals
application performance
business continuity and security strategies
technologies that improve business productivity
processes to improve efficiencies
selection of technology options

“Technology is the foundation of the day-to-day operations of your business.”

The Technology Assessment: the foundation of TecShaping

Whether you’re moving, reorganizing, transferring leadership, changing ownership or simply growing your business, the first step is to understand how your technology stacks up.

Using a detailed assessment process, our benchmarking tools show:

software application performance
the optimization level of your current technology
technical strength and weakness
comparison to other companies in your industry
how your technology functions together as a whole

We provide an accurate, comprehensive, and objective view of your business technology, These benchmarking tools quickly pinpoint areas for improvement and suggest changes to ensure your success over the long haul.

TecShapingin action:  the business review

Embracing a culture of continuous technology management means striking the right balance between investment, strategy, people and processes. Working with an experienced technology firm is particularly advantageous for companies requiring transformation.

All periodic reviews are designed to be a dialog with key management that covers:

alignment with current business goals
technical issues and strategies to address them successfully
the guidance of an independent viewpoint to tackle the more difficult elements of Technology Management
approaches to educating every stakeholder across the organization in best technology practices
forecasting future needs to create a budget that positions your company for upgrades

NPI delivers an objective look at the way your organization uses technology.

TecShaping analyzes workflow, identifies needs and finds the trouble spots.   By studying how your business uses technology, we collaborate to design improvements allowing your staff to deliver better results by working smarter–not harder.

We work with businesses to transform their technology to align with evolving objectives.”

See why TecShaping is a true IT management solution